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Visual Arts

The visual arts are considered an essential part of a Palm Beach Day student’s growth, beginning as early as age 2.

Pre-Primary through Grade 3

Our Visual Arts curriculum seeks to foster self expression by encouraging students to explore the world around them through art. We provide an environment that allows students to plan, experiment, and problem-solve through the art process as they make decisions and learn from the experience of creating.

The visual arts curriculum for our Pre-Primary and Primary Programs is naturally integrated into thematic learning. Painting, working with scissors and glue, and coloring all serve to enhance the students’ development. 

Weekly visits to the art studio begin in Kindergarten where our art teacher helps students develop their sense of individuality and appreciation for creative expression. A focus on exploring personal ideas and feelings about various age-appropriate subject matters through creating and discussing art sit at the core of our program. Elementary students explore different materials, art techniques, artists and art forms in a program that builds upon foundations laid in the previous grade level. 

Recognizing that creating can serve as an important resource toward developing conceptual learning, our artists are provided opportunities to integrate art into their daily academic learning. As such, our art program collaborates with each grade level to support the learning happening within the classroom. 

Grades 4-8

Beginning in the Fourth Grade, students develop their talents in drawing, painting and pottery. In Seventh and Eighth Grades, students branch out into electives such as computer graphics and TV production.