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Life at PBDA

While our challenging academics are at the core of a PBDA education, it is the lessons taught outside of the classroom that are what shape our students into the confident and well-rounded individuals that have come to define what it means to be a PBDA graduate.

Outside the Classroom

Traditions are at the heart of our 103-year-old institution. While some traditions have come and gone, those that have persevered have done so for good reason.

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School Traditions

We view the playing field as a classroom with character and teamwork at the forefront.

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Our curriculum reflects the role that creativity plays in developing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. 

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Visual and Performing Arts

Our students pursue causes which they are passionate about, empowering them to want to make a difference.

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Community Service

Daily lessons extend well beyond the end of the school day with our after-school Enrichment and Aftercare programs.

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Enrichment and Aftercare

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