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Lunch Program

PBDA is proud to partner with SAGE Dining to provide snacks and lunch for students as well as faculty and staff across both campuses.

To see this week’s menu or look ahead to the upcoming weeks, please click below or check the Touch of SAGE™ mobile app.

View the Menu

About SAGE Dining

SAGE, founded in 1990, is the leading food service provider for independent schools and private colleges throughout North America. The SAGE program delivers fresh, delicious meals made from scratch in small batches using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. SAGE focuses on variety to accommodate eating patterns, dietary restrictions, and food allergies. PBDA’s on-site SAGE Chef, Max Heymann, has gotten to know our community and has designed a menu just for our students and staff that features community favorites, made to perfection.

Alongside its Spotlight Program which helps guide food choices based on your values, SAGE also prioritizes nutrition and offers:

PBDA Sage Dining lunch program
  • House-roasted and nitrate-free sourced deli meats.
  • Trans fat-free oils and MSG-free seasonings.
  • Antibiotic- and hormone-free milk.
  • No Antibiotics Ever chicken.
  • Cage-free and Certified Humane® shell eggs.

Food Allergies

Both Palm Beach Day Academy and SAGE value safety above all else, and that means having a solid approach to managing food allergies. Click below to learn more about how SAGE’s allergy management program ensures a safe, inclusive dining environment with a variety of menu options.

SAGE Allergy Management Program

The Touch of SAGE™ Mobile App

The SAGE Dining mobile app – Touch of SAGE™ – allows you to view the menu, filter for allergens, connect with the Manager, and rate and give comments on food items. The feedback goes directly to PBDA’s on-site Manager who then uses the feedback to better customize PBDA’s menu. 

Click below to watch a quick tutorial on how to use the app.