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Technology and Innovation

Our faculty integrates technology into all aspects of learning in order to enhance lessons and provide students with essential tools to encourage them to think outside the box.

Technology in the Lower School

Beginning in Primary, students are exposed to iPad applications in a developmentally appropriate way, providing first-hand experience of how technology can support their learning while practicing skills and seeking information that supports thematic learning. 

Starting in Kindergarten, students begin to visit our Lower School’s computer lab weekly where mouse and keyboarding skills, coupled with internet navigation, introduce students to the world of technology. As their confidence grows, students begin to create, document, present, and publish their work. In addition, our Technology Educator meets regularly with individual classroom teachers to strategically incorporate technology into the classroom curriculum.

In addition to the technology lab, students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 operate in an environment of 1:1 iPads. Students in Grade 3 operate in an environment of 1:1 Chromebooks.

Technology in the Upper School

Beginning in Grade 4, students build upon the skills they learned in the Lower School. In addition to learning digital literacy, students are taught how to responsibly utilize technology throughout the school day. Our dedicated Upper School Educational Technology teacher works closely with classroom teachers to integrate tech-based projects into the fourth grade curriculum. The Educational Teacher also teaches an Ed Tech class weekly to students in Grades 4 and 5.

In Grade 5, students continue to learn how to navigate digital resources including correctly citing work, as well as use applications such as Google Docs and Google Slides. 

Moving into Grades 6-8, students apply their digital literacy skills across all subject areas. Students are also offered technology-based courses such as graphic design, 2D digital design, and coding. The Educational Technology teacher works closely with the classroom teachers to create and support cross-curricular technology-based projects.

In this ever-changing field, improvements in technology allow students to complete projects that would once be impossible for elementary-age children. Students that cannot yet read can still learn about coding with robots that are controlled by wooden blocks.”

Jennifer Sabugo, Technology and Innovation Teacher of the Lower School

Technology in the Classrooms

Across both campuses, we utilize a variety of digital learning tools including Smartboards, Smart TVs, iPads, iMacs, Chromebooks, and robotics systems in our classrooms to support both teaching and learning.

These tools increase student engagement, generate new learning opportunities, and promote both collaboration and problem-solving, all while preparing our students for the digital future.

Device Policy

Grade 4

Every student entering the Fourth Grade will receive a school issued MacBook. The devices will be utilized throughout the school day to enhance student learning and are managed by our technology team.

Grades 5-8

With PBDA’s policy in our Upper School, Students in Grades 5-8 are required to “Bring Your Own Device” (laptop) to school.

Digital Citizenship 

We believe that schools should play a role in teaching students to use technology appropriately. Our teachers instead guide them in developing the skills needed to be productive digital citizens. Please visit for more information.

Innovation at PBDA

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Innovation in the Lower School

The Innovation Lab in the Lower School is a dynamic hub for student imagination, teamwork and creativity.

Throughout the year, students are given the opportunity to explore a myriad of STEAM-related topics including robotics, child safe building tools, coding, architecture, and the engineering and design Process, with the highlight always being the final step of sharing finished products with classmates. Teamwork is highly encouraged and developed through group challenges and projects. The Innovation Lab is a respite to the rigors of the academic day, as students are given the opportunity to create and play based on their individual interests.

Innovation Lab Lower Campus PBDA

Innovation in the Upper School

Offering opportunities for students to participate in Innovation classes plays a vital role in developing students’ problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills.

Beginning in Grade 4, students visit the Innovation lab weekly to work on projects that incorporate various design processes. Students in Grades 5-8 are offered courses that empower them to gather and evaluate evidence to make decisions and prepare them to bring the skills and knowledge necessary for solving problems. Courses such as Aeronautical Engineering, 3D Design, Robotics, Coding, and Environmental Design are all part of a curriculum designed to promote 21st century skill building and an innovative mindset.