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K-Grade 3

Students in Kindergarten through the Third Grade are emboldened to challenge themselves, become independent and critical thinkers, and ultimately grow into kind, confident leaders.


The foundation of our Kindergarten program fosters independence, promotes positive attitudes toward learning, and establishes early student skills. Our child-centered curriculum focuses on further developing social and language skills, as well as mathematics and literacy skills through differentiated activities and hands-on experiences. Throughout the year, Kindergarteners explore the themes of communities and relationships through partnerships with local museums which allow our students to begin to develop an understanding of the world around them.

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First Grade

First graders at PBDA are provided with ample opportunities to take pride and ownership of their own learning by participating in Student Expert Teaching Talks (S.E.T. Talks), publishing a boxed set of a realistic fiction book series, and creating their own green screen project. The core of the program enables our students to grow as lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and empowered leaders who show kindness and approach any situation with confidence and a growth mindset.

Second Grade

The second grade at PBDA is a year of transition in which the students are empowered to take ownership of their learning as they pursue student-led research. Through our Entrepreneur Day Program, students in Grades 2 and 3 become entrepreneurs by forming their own business plans before creating and selling their products to the school community. Public speaking skills continue to develop throughout the year as students present their culminating projects. Second-grade students also lead the Green Team initiative which supports the greening efforts throughout the Lower School.

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Third Grade

The third grade is a capstone year for students in the Lower School. As a distinction from prior grades and in preparation for the classes in the Upper School, our third grade utilizes a one-teacher model. Students serve as leaders within the school community as they lead announcements during Flag Assemblies and shine during the third grade musical performance. Students have the opportunity to make valuable contributions to the larger community as they participate in a variety of meaningful outreach service activities.