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Early Childhood

PBDA’s Early Childhood program lays the foundation for a love of learning and places on emphasis on intellectual curiosity and imagination.

Pre-Primary Program

The Pre-Primary program, focused on two-year-old children, instills a lifelong love of learning by providing a warm and nurturing first school experience. Confidence and independence quickly grow as each classroom’s two teachers work as partners alongside students to guide them through hands-on and experiential learning. Thematic units focused on the interests of the students drive the Pre-Primary curriculum as student’s begin to form concepts and develop language. 

The program values building a connection between home and school while emphasizing the importance of social-emotional growth and a comfort for being in a school environment. With opportunities to work cooperatively with others, students begin to demonstrate respect for themselves, others, and the classroom environment. 

Primary Program

The Primary program, serving children ages three to five, acknowledges that students develop at different rates and in different ways and, as such, individualized instruction meets each student every day. A rich curriculum designed to challenge students academically while also fostering independence, cultivate confidence in one’s abilities, appropriate prosocial behavior, and instill a positive attitude toward learning, help to guide these formative years prior to Kindergarten.

Concept formation in the Primary program is developed through formalized language arts, math, science and social studies instruction. Specific skills such as letter identification and number sense emerge; however, a large emphasis is placed on intellectual curiosity and imagination. Opportunities to engage with materials through non-instructional, play-like experiences help to solidify skills as students explore a classroom environment focused on promoting enthusiasm toward learning.