Parent School Council

Parent School Council

The Parent/School Council  held its first meeting in December, 1992, and has been very active ever since. 

The objectives of the PSC are to encourage communication among all components of the school community, to have members of the Council serve the school and its students in non-academic functions and to enrich the school experience for students by providing an opportunity and forum for parental involvement.

The PSC Executive Committee consists of the following members:
          The President
          Two Vice-Presidents representing the Upper and Lower Campus
          Programs Chairperson
          The Head of School
          Three parent representatives; Pre-Primary & Primary, Grades K-3, and Upper School

     Non-voting Members
          Two faculty representatives appointed by the Head of School to act as liaisons to the PSC and the executive
          Committee, one from each campus
          The immediate past-President of the PSC
          The Director of Development my attend all PSC meetings and shall act as liaison between the PSC and the School's administration and fund raising team.

Families are encouraged to get involved with school activities and committees.  Strong family support maintains the high standards of our school, as well as provides exciting and rewarding experiences for children and parents alike.  There is something for every parent, and we ask you to find an area in which you have experience or in which you simply have an interest.

For 2016-17 the officers of the P/S Council are:  

President:     Amy Middleton
Vice Presidents:     Adrienne Arp '92 (LC), Linda Soper (UC)
Secretary:       Ruby Patterson
Program Coordinator:     Sophia Vollmer-Maduro '78
Program Coordinator:     Lyanne Azqueta '84
Parent Rep., Primary:     Elizabeth Munder
Parent Rep., Upper School:    Mina Patel
Parent Rep., Lower School:     Mae Ferguson         
Past President:       Sandy Singer
Faculty Liaison:     Lauran Rearic (LC)  Katy Thompson (UC)
Board of Trustees Liaison:     Stephanie Carden '79 & Caroline Rafferty
Head of School:     Dr. Edwin P. Gordon