Green School of Excellence

Green School of Excellence

In 2009, Palm Beach Day Academy was named a Green School of Quality by the Palm Beach County Green Schools Recognition Program ( In 2010, that status was upgraded to Green School of Excellence. Teachers and students at PBDA are committed to environmental protection, both locally and globally, and we make every effort to promote sustainable practices at school. Environmental education is an ongoing exploration for students of all grade levels both inside and outside the classroom, and conservation is emphasized in an interdisciplinary fashion. From climate change debates to recycled art projects, students are taught to consider how their everyday actions impact the Earth. The Green Team, which consists of faculty, parents, and students, was established to educate the school community and to organize projects and activities that involve the participation of everyone. We are thrilled to share the progress that has been made in such a short time, and we look forward to our future as a sustainable school community.

What Makes Us Green?

School Sustainability

  • Recycling: We recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and glass on both campuses. Students in seventh grade (upper campus) and second grade (lower campus) empty the bins for collection.
  • Composting: Fruit and vegetable waste, coffee grounds, and newspaper are composted on the upper campus. Fifth grade students maintain the compost as part of the science curriculum.
  • Service Learning: Bulldog Outreach organizes green projects, such as the used clothing drive and beach cleanup.
  • Electronics Recycling: E-waste, such as cell phones, MP3 players, DVDs, video games, inkjet cartridges, and digital cameras are collected for recycling. Drop off bins can be found on both campuses.
  • Minimal Waste Policies: Faculty and staff are encouraged to conserve resources by using double-sided copies and email whenever possible, and by bringing reusable coffee mugs to work.
  • Energy Conservation: Energy saving measures, such as fluorescent lighting, save us money and reduce our fossil fuel consumption.
  • Alternative Transportation: Faculty and students are encouraged to walk, bike, or carpool whenever possible.
  • Green Fundraisers: Seventh grade students raise money for rainforest preservation and wildlife protection. The annual Earth Foundation tee-shirt sales have raised enough money to save 155 acres of rainforest around the world!

School Grounds Enhancement

  • Papa's Place: Found on the lower campus, Papa's Place is a habitat for native plants and serves as a reading garden.
  • Atrium Eco-Garden: A lovely green space off the upper campus atrium features native plants, student artwork, and a rain barrel.